Huasteca Potosina

by jorge, January 13, 2015


We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, previous expeditions were cancelled due to high water levels from summer rains. So when the phone call came in from our friend and local Huasteca guide that the water levels had dropped and the rivers were safe to enter, we quickly plotted out the trip. We loaded up the family in our newly converted Outside van “Incognito” and the long awaited SUP exploration of la Huasteca Potosina began.


As we pushed into the Huasteca region of the state of San Luis Potosi, no cell reception, no internet.. we were officially off the radar and on vacation!!


Vero walks along the banks of the Meca River with her Astro Stream…

El Salto del Meco

We arrived to the first waterfall passing the town of Naranjo, El Salto del Meco, checking into la Hustecas Secretas resort, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the lush green jungle, the water color, sounds of birds, insects and animals…! The blue/green river cut its way thru the rock valley, releasing into the Salto del Rio Meca… An amazing sight! The cold water, the serenity, Wow!


We hired some local guides to show us the river, before we attempted to descend on SUP’s.. My daughter and I suited up following the lead of the head guides from La Huasteca Secreta, and we headed down stream, learning the river on the way…


Sofia gets some pointers from Marco – our river guide.


We hit the river with a couple of Starboard Astro inflatables – the 10′ x 35″ Astro Whopper and the 9’5 x 36″ Astro Stream.


Vero on the Starboard Astro Stream 9’6 x 36″ – Dan Gavere Pro model

Minas Viejas

The next stop on the trip was “Minas Viejas” an amazing oasis cut out of sugar cane fields. A quick drone flight exposed the best access and huge SUP potential..


A shot from above of Minas Viejas…

A series of large pools connected cascading falls, there was so much to explore, beautiful light illuminating the blue lagoons… the kids loaded on the 10.0 x 35″ Astro Whopper with Vero and were off collecting treasures and exploring the caves and falls.


The kids prepare for the SUP expedition…


The mist in the background is from the falls of Minas Viejas…


Vero takes a moment to enjoy the breeze coming off the falls at Minas Viejas

Cascada de Micos

Cascada de Micos was next on the tour, this was a colorful slightly more populated “Banario” heavy on Mexican flare… Shacks set up on the waters edge selling barbque chicken, Birria and chacharas like frog skin bags and wood carvings…


“Incognito” rolls thru the tiendas as we looked for our waterfront parking spot for the night..


Typically these “banarios” are moderated by the towns people, and they do great job maintaining the public areas, keeping order, cleaning bathrooms, and charging very little for entering. They offered us waterfall front parking spot for our van after the crowds left around 730 pm and we took full advantage!! Complete with boat ramp and an amazing view…


Cascada Tamul

The Tamul waterfall is the big one, this is the one that lured this trip into reality.. the vision of this waterfall in my head for 2 years, imagining the photographs, flying the drone over the falls!


Truly an amazing SUP adventure, the potential is huge..! Undoubtably the best way to make the trek to the falls – up river 5 – 6kms, is by Stand Up Paddle.


The freedom of the inflatable SUPs allows you to stop and dip in the random falls, pull out and visit caves, theres even a taco stand set up mid way, with fresh waters, and riverside snacks like amazing fresh mangoes, with limon and salt… mmm..


There is a section of the river with fun little rapids to learn on, very forgiving, you can exit the river walk up and drop in over and over again, too much fun!


The local guides decided long ago that they would not introduce motorized boats to the river, and as a community they stuck to it. Hats off to them for maintaining ecological low impact tourism, and believe me…they keep busy! The only way to arrive to the bottom of the falls, if you don’t bring your own SUP… is to arrive by paddling these 15 – 20 ft flat bottom boats. Ours was named “La Estrellita” guided by Marco and his 12 year old son.


These boats are ideal for heading against the current to arrive at the spectacular falls.. the largest in Mexico.. So its only natural progression to paddle this expedition on a stand up paddle.. and the Starboard ASTRO line is ready for the challenge…


We chose the Dan Gavere PRO model “Stream” 9’5″ x 36″ for its stability, volume and all around river prowess… and to bring my girls on board with me!! check out this video of the Starboard Stream 9’5 x 36″


We have decided to go back in the summer of 2015 for a return trip where we are going to invite our friends and client to join us on a week long expedition that will serve as a “intro to SUP whitewater” for all the SUP enthusiast looking for a SUPer adventure and some fun and easy white water sup action…

See you on the water!!!